About Seena Khoee

My passion for fitness & living at your most optimal state peaked my interest in nutrition. I started rigorously studying nutrition & experimenting with different diet plans. After being able to compare & contrast different diets, I found one that made me feel my best. That was Keto along side Intermittent Fasting mixed with fresh whole foods. Since making the change to a Keto diet combined with a fasting lifestyle, I feel phenominal and want to share my discoveries with you!

As a fitness advocate I’ve always aspired to coach people and create content that will inspire others to reach their fitness and lifestyle goals.

As I delved into the world of nutrition, I quickly realized it wasn’t just a calorie in, calorie out game. It’s far more complicated than that and my goal is to make the process of achieving your fitness goals as simple as possible, to help you can understand & overcome any obstacles that you encounter. 

While studying different recipes, I noticed a lot of meals were either flat out boring or inconvenient to make. I’m a person that’s almost always on the go so if the recipes are going to be bland, they might as well be convenient to make. That’s when Chef Khoee emerged. The journey of experimenting in the kitchen had begun.

Before long my physique was improving and I started making mouth watery, oh & not to forget, meals that advocated a healthy lifestyle.

The meals I have in my kitchen section are ones I consistently eat. They help fuel my intense workouts, recover quickly and also stay lean year round & I’m excited to share them with you!

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