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The Keto Lifestyle

Guide on how to live the keto lifestyle the healthy, fun & convenient way.

Intermittent Fasting

Guide on how to effectively utilize intermittent fasting for burning fat along with other eye opening benefits

Keto Friendly Meals

Keto Recipes, Superfoods & Tips For Dining Out

Benefits Of Cacao

Different Forms Of Cacao Cacao - Beans in a general pod that are fermented. Just like kimchi. After fermentation then dried for about a week. Benefits Highest polyfinal count Highest antioxidant count Cold pressed and not denatured with heat  Rawest form Great...

12 Supplements To Consider On Keto

Waters Soluble vs Fat Soluble Vitamins Water Soluble - Vitamins that are fat soluble are dissolved with water. The drawback, everytime you urinate you are losing water soluble vitamins so you have to keep consuming foods that provide these vitamins. Fat Soluble -...

The Power of MCT Oil

The digestion of triglycerides (digested fats) explained from a birds I point of view and why MCT oils are a staple in my diet.


Science Based Articles To Produce The Best Results

Top 5 Exercises For Overall Athleticism

Jogging  The feeling of waking up from a good night's sleep, eating a nutritious breakfast, throwing on some music, lacing up your shoes and going for a jog is euphoric.  You have all kinds of neurotransmitters being released on a jog such as endorphins and...

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14 Day Keto Transformation Program

In my 14 day Keto Transformation program you will gain a deep fundamental understanding on how to burn fat and keep it off for good!

Personal Keto Coaching

Access to a private coaching group with me as your personal coach to help you transition into Ketosis and to crush your fitness goals!

Gym & Home Workouts

No gym membership? No time? No Problem. Just follow my preplanned workout program and you’ll be noticing great results in as little as 14 days!

Meal Plans

Know what to eat, why to eat certain foods & what to avoid. You’ll gain a solid fundamental understanding of why your eating habits and your diet is ultimately how you gain results. Not countless hours in the gym!

Grocery List

An exact categorized checklist to fulfill your meal plan at your local grocery store. After you learn the fundamentals, you’ll be able to make delicious keto foods which you wouldn’t think of as fat burning meals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions regarding Keto

Can I contact you anytime?

Yes, you can call or text me, I’m here to support you 100% of the way. I’m commited all the way but I need you to be just as commited.

What is the Keto Flu

All the keto flu is, is an electrolyte imabalance. With a proper micro nutrient supplement along with salt, the keto flu will not happen.

Is a Ketogenic lifestyle sustainable?

The ketogenic diet is healthy, effective, and backed by science, with a few caveats that we’ll get into in a moment. When done properly, the keto diet has been shown to support weight loss, create more mitochondria in your brain, reduce inflammation, and even combat metabolic syndrome diseases like diabetes.

Can I drink alcohol on a ketogenic diet?

You can, but the type of drink matters. Generally, you’ll want to stick to distilled spirits or dry wines.