Benefits Of Cacao

By Seena Khoee | September 20, 2020

Different Forms Of Cacao

Cacao – Beans in a general pod that are fermented. Just like kimchi. After fermentation then dried for about a week.


Highest polyfinal count

Highest antioxidant count

Cold pressed and not denatured with heat 

Rawest form

Great source of antioxidant

Cocoa – Cacao that is roasted at high temperatures.

The reason why Cacao is prefressional over cocoa is because when it’s roasted you kill off some of the antioxidantes properties and Polyphenols. 

Polyphenols are micronutrients that we get through certain plant-based foods. They’re packed with antioxidants and potential health benefits. 

Natural – Sharp but high in antioxidants

Dutch – Fudge smooth taste, processed more less however less polyphenols when compared to Cocoa because processed with potassium bicarbonate..

Nibs – Crunched up Cocoa that hasn’t been melted.

Chocolate Liquor – Melted down to separate the fat out which is where the cocoa butter comes from.

Cacao Butter – Butter that is separated when chocolate liquor is created. Also how white chocolate is created.

Mixed Forms – Then mix it back up with sugar to make different kinds of chocolate that’s how we define it as milk chocolate and so forth.


  1. Lots of heightened cognitive function that occurs, euphoric benefits, help lift your mood, Increases blood flow into the brain.
  2. High amounts of Theobromine, a stimulant that makes you feel good by preventing the flow of fatigue, reach the adenosine receptors in the brain.
  3. Fermented – When you consume a good amount of cacao you have a prebiotic effect coming from the cacao.
  4. High in potassium – Super important for proper nerve function, proper mood and everything you need for healthy energy.
  5. Great source of Copper + Magnesium which are hard to get in a true unadulterated form.
  6. One of the best healthy acid profiles. Oleic acid, same fat in olive oil with tremendous health properties. ⅓ stearic acid, ⅓ palmitoleic acid great fat for pancreas and beta cells.
  7. Helps out with blood pressure and blood flow because of the nitric oxide that occurs in the blood which relaxes and dilates your arteries and blood vessels and improves blood flow & great for heart health.
  8. Extremely powerful anti inflammatory
  9. Longer half life – it lasts 6-12 hours in the body when compared to caffeine which lasts 2-4 hours.
  10. Chocolate has a small amount of caffeine 4mg – 20mg


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