Anabolic & Catabolic Hormones Explained When It Comes To Building Muscle

By Seena Khoee | August 15, 2020

Ketones are Muscle Sparing

Keto is a great diet for building lean muscle. As long as your calorie needs are in the right place along with proper strength training it is the ideal diet to build quality muscle.

Ketones, the chemical your liver makes during ketosis promotes muscle growth.

There are 3 different types of ketone bodies produced during ketosis and the main beta-hydroxybutyrate, prevents the breakdown of muscle.

The 3 Different Energy System During Workouts

Creatine Phosphate System

The system which gives us energy from the start to the first 3-4 reps.

Anaerobic System 

Utilizes carbohydrates. The 5-15 rep range of the exercise.

Aerobic system

The endurance work.

On a ketogenic diet we have a lot of power in the Creatine Phosphate system which is the most important one in terms of ability to build muscle and strength.

Anabolism & Catabolism Metabolic States

Anabolism and Catabolism are 2 different metabolic states within our body. 

Catabolism is essentially the breakdown of energy & muscle. This occurs when eating food, exercising, fasting etc. 

Anabolism is essentially the rebuilding process. This occurs when we are resting, sleeping and recovering.

Along with a proper catabolic gameplan, strength training routine, proper nutrition we also need a proper anabolic process.

Catabolic hormone

  1. Cortisol
  2. Adrenaline
  3. Glucogeno – Opposite of insulin

These are the hormones that break down our muscle tissue.

The purpose of Cortisol is to let us know when we are in danger. However if we are anxious, depressed, stressed and emotions similar to those for an extended period of time, then this hormone will break down muscle and possibly cause us to store fat.

Fun fact, exercise is a stresser, when we are working out our cortisol levels increase. The reason for this is cortisol’s goal is to elevate blood glucose, and transfer the glucose into the muscles to be able to do the activity at hand.

If we workout too much, then there is a possible cause of an adrenaline gland enlargement which will cause us to chronicle produce cortisol.

Remedies to Lower Cortisol

  1. Sleep
  2. Relax
  3. Meditate
  4. Hangout with friends
  5. Have fun
  6. Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals
  7. Take it was
  8. Have rest days.

Anabolic hormones

  1. Growth Hormone
  2. Insulin
  3. Testosterone

These are the hormones that allow the body to utilize protein & build muscle.

Anabolism plays a significant role in building strength and lean muscle mass. With quality 8 hours of sleep along with adequate amounts of calories and weight training, you will support your body with high levels of anabolic hormones and low levels of catabolic hormones which will promote muscle growth, develop strength and improve overall well being.

It’s important to keep in mind that when cortisol levels elevate, testosterone decreases which is why it’s key to not be stressed out all the time.


It’s important to not just focus on strength training & eating adequate amounts of food but to focus on living a stress free life. 

You will be amazed at how lean muscle you will be able to pile on just by limiting your cortisol by staying relaxed along with implementing proper strength training workouts.


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