Is Keto A Safe Lifestyle Long Term?

By Seena Khoee | August 15, 2020

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when your body has depleted all of the carbs and you’re either consuming a high macro profile of dietary fats which are being converted to ketones for energy or are fasting then your body is using stored fat and converting that to ketones for energy.

The Common Diet

The western diet which is what the majority of us follow in the United States and it’s a relatively high carbohydrate diet. During the digestive process of the western lifestyle, carbohydrates are converted into sugar which is the main cause of obesity and several diseases not dietary fats. However we have been socially conditioned to consume foods high in fats are the cause of diseases and obesity.

Is Keto a safe lifestyle choice long term?

Yes it is. Your brain will always need some glucose, however if you drop the insulin and run on ketones instead of glucose, you’ll provide your brain with a much cleaner fuel. 

Our bodies ran on ketogenic metabolic states in the caveman days, it’s our original source of fuel. 

Dietary fats are required for us to function properly. Several hormones are all made from fat. Carbohydrates are not required. The brain that the glucose needs when in a ketogenic metabolic state is created through a process called gluconeogenesis. 

The only benefit of glucose is energy for physically intensive demanding tasks however we get a lot more energy from ketones without the side effects that come from carbohydrates. 

Consuming carbohydrates makes you lethargic, it puts your brain to sleep and messes with your focus along with a whole host of other negative impacts it has on your body..

Only carbs you really need are vegetable carbohydrates because of the vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals they actually contain, but the actual carbohydrates within the vegetables are not needed.

Common Keto Myths Debunked

Muscle loss – Ketones do not equal muscle loss in fact if you do ketosis along with intermittent fasting you increase the very hormone that preserves protein and the muscle. Both intermittent fasting and the keto diet increases the growth hormone. I have an article where I go in depth with how Keto and fasting is a great lifestyle to follow to gain strength & muscle here.

Creates Deficiency – As you have enough vegetables and are supplementing with a good b vitamin you’ll be fine.

Raising Cholesterol – Studies have shown that your body raises the HDL cholesterol (good kind) and lowers the LDL cholesterol.


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