Top 5 Exercises For Overall Athleticism

By Seena Khoee | August 9, 2020


The feeling of waking up from a good night’s sleep, eating a nutritious breakfast, throwing on some music, lacing up your shoes and going for a jog is euphoric. 

You have all kinds of neurotransmitters being released on a jog such as endorphins and dopamine which give you a high that to me can’t be matched from anything else.

Along with the good feelings elicited from a jog, there really isn’t a match when it comes to a better form of cardio.


Swimming in another excellent choice to work on your endurance. It’s a great exercise because it doesn’t stress your joints and bones as much as going for a jog does.

Another benefit of swimming when compared to jogging is after swimming consistently for a period of time you develop strength which will help support other exercises that your practice.

Stretching & Mobility

Stretching & mobility exercises is key to build a strong athletic foundation.

Stretching & mobiity helps keep you limber, athletic and prevents injuries from other activities. 


Calisthenics are great for developing great overall strength and preventing muscle imbalances.

It is easy to develop muscle imbalances when it comes to strength training because during that type of training, we are normally isolating muscles. However the great thing about calisthenics is we tend to workout most of our muscles in each exercise.

Strength Training

Strength training is the best for building muscle and burning fat. Strength training has 2 great benefits when it comes to burning fat. 

  1. When you incorporate strength training exercises into your routine, your muscles will hypertrophy, meaning break down. This helps increase the amount of calories burned throughout the day during rest, because your body switches gears and turns into an anabolic metabolic state requiring energy to build the muscle back up.
  1. Having more muscle burns calories throughout the day.

Strength training is great for building muscle because they isolate the muscle and have the greatest quality muscle contraction. Because of the muscle contractions, the muscle belly tears apart deep so during recovering the grow and become larger.


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